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Arvid Schwenk

Welcome to holistic healing in Berlin Mitte


I am offering different modalities of treatment based on trusted energy and spirit healing methods informed by modern western medicine. 

Our thoughts an emotions are continuously impacting our physical body. We can all observe this in our everyday lives. 

Often the result of that impact is so powerful to the point of manifesting serious illness, culminating into a chronic state, energetically obstructing the self-healing power of our body. 

This  is why an energetical and a spiritual healing can be of paramount importance for bringing about profound and lasting health. 

Syndromes like the "broken heart syndrome" (takotsubo cardiomyopathie) and other psychosomatic syndromes occur when unresolved emotional or spiritual conflicts arise. It is a powerful example of the effect that our mind can have on the function and disfunction of our body. It highlights the importance of addressing the energetical and spiritual levels in our healing work.

Everybody has a natural God-given ability to heal. Often times however, this ability is being forgotten and lost. Part of my work is to help clients remember and reactivate their own healing power in a sustainable way.

Feel free to contact me and ask about your conditions and whether they are suited to the techniques used in my work. 

Arvid Schwenk - Berlin

Medical General Practicioner

Holistic Healing, including: 

Psychosomatic Healing

Treatment of Addictions

Prana Energetical Healing

Trauma Release